IoT & Home Automation
IoT & Home Automation
Build innovative services with IoT for home automation, industry, smart city...

Expand IoT usability for home automation

Example : water plants with Parrot POT, turn on TV and turn off light with Samsung Smarthings, ... without stand out from your sofa, just by asking to your virtual assistant.

IoT producer or provider ? take benefits of our expertise to add to your product a chatbot and make it easy to use. For end user or business a chatbot improve user experience at home or office.

IoT objects with chatbot are 2x more used !
Need advice, need training ?
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“ Thanks to Voice Services expertise we build a dedicated chatbot for our product and sales up ! ”

Project : chatbot developpement to control air conditionner at home or office. Chatbot allows user to stop, start and update temperature. A very useful service to stop round trip to the controller.

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