Customer support
Customer support
Give help to your customers with simple and intuitive access to product information.

Optimise customer support

Example : access to product documentation and FAQ with a chatbot.

Chatbots reduce significantly calls to customer support. Chatbots give to user a simple and intuitive way to access information better than a phone service. With machine learning the chatbot could be improved to cover a lot of customers recurrent questions.

"50.6 percent of consumers believe a business should respond to their queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"
source : VentureBeat
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“ With our chatbot we decrease significantly calls to our customer support ! ”

Project : chatbot for a customer support company's business unit, chatbot answer to more than 60% of recurrent questions. An employee can catch a conversation anytime to finalize and improve the answer, a machine learning algorithm improve chatbots answers continuously.

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